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2022 Amazon PPC Optimization Strategies – Step By Step

  • February 18, 2020

Amazon PPC optimization strategies are only as good as their adaptability to their ever-changing environment. In 2022 Amazon added much more robust features to the sponsored product ads platform. At ZonRush we are constantly experimenting with new sponsored product advertising methods for our clients in order to always bring consistently profitable results.

Expertise is always provisional and must continually adapt in order to remain relevant.

In this video, I wanted to bring it back to the basics. Sometimes returning to the basics can be the best way to bring your ACOS down and increase your Amazon FBA sales. I focus on keyword optimization and I’ll show you the backbone of an Amazon PPC campaign that has consistently provided profitable results. Amazon PPC strategies in 2020 will continually evolve which means experimenting will be a key component to long-term success.

If you need a little extra help bringing your Amazon PPC campaigns to profitable levels and accelerating your sales, consider partnering with ZonRush. The best Amazon PPC Management Service that combines the power of artificial intelligence and human optimizations for off the charts sales growth. 😊

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