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4 Ways to Outsell Your Competitors – Amazon Seller Training

  • December 20, 2019

In this video you’ll learn 4 ways to outsell your competitors as an Amazon FBA seller. It’s exciting when you begin to see your sales increase from week to week. When considering brand expansion as an Amazon seller, you need to find way to differentiate your product and marketing strategy.

A question I always ask myself is, “how can I improve what’s already on the market and create a blue ocean for myself?”

Sometimes the answer isn’t always what you think. Sometimes just adding the smallest tweak to your product offer, can make all the difference to capturing more marketshare.

Just to quickly highlight the content of the video:

– Add a video highlighting your product, directly to your listing

– Add video training to increase your product’s perceived value and conversions

– Copy your competitors frequently bought together list

– Reverse engineer your Amazon competitor’s negative reviews

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