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Amazon Advertising Strategy To Boost Sales – Step by Step Tutorial

  • December 8, 2020

Today I’m going to show you how to increase your sales using Amazon advertising.

In order for this strategy to properly work, you’re going to need to use some sort of a keyword research tool for Amazon, because you’re going to need to see the actual keyword search volume. For this specific Amazon advertising strategy we’re going to target keywords with a high search volume.

So let’s go ahead and start using this tool.

We’re going to be using a tool called Magnet Keyword Research by Helium 10. You’ll need to put in your specific main keyword phrase: So for example, if you’re selling charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste, go ahead and put that in the section highlighted in the video, then click ‘Get keywords.’

Also, go ahead and add some filters so you can begin seeing the actual results properly.

One of the easiest ways to refine your search is to target the keyword search volume and make sure you put an attribution of your product.

So basically you have to use the filters necessary to give you good results on keywords and keywords that are meaningful to your product, because they’re highly relevant, which means the attribution is high.

So for keyword search volume, I usually put a minimum of 500, and for advanced filters, the attribution is going to be charcoal. You can also put toothpaste in there.

If you have multiple attributions that make your product unique, go ahead and add those there. Then go ahead and click ‘Apply.’

Now we’re going to see good keywords that are highly relevant, and have a minimum of 500 monthly searches. Those specific keywords are gonna be the base keywords for this specific Amazon advertising campaign.

Once you have the keywords loaded up, all you need to do at this point is export the data, and once it’s exported, copy the keywords into a Google Doc.

Once you paste the keywords inside a Google Doc, it’s very important that you filter the keywords further and remove any keywords that are not highly relevant or highly related to your product.

This will help you save on ad spend, because if there are keywords in here which are not 100% relevant or have a high relevance, then you could save yourself potential wasted ad spend ahead of time by just simply removing these keywords from the list.

So as you’re going through the keywords you pasted into the document, you now have to remove any keywords that are not relevant.

Now go ahead and copy the keywords, and we’re going to go ahead and use them inside of an Amazon advertising campaign. I’m about to show you how to create this very specific Amazon advertising campaign to boost your sales.

Once they’re copied over, I also will change them to red, just to know that the keywords here have already been used.

For this specific campaign to work properly, it is ideal to have between 15 to 25 keywords very specific for this campaign. So if you have 100 keywords, you’re only going to copy 15 to 25 of these keywords and make sure you highlight them with red, so that you know they’re in use.

Now let’s actually jump into the campaign creation inside your Amazon PPC dashboard.

So the first thing you’re going to do once you’re inside your Amazon PPC dashboard is click on ‘Create campaign.’

What you’re going to create is a sponsored product ad.

Once that loads up, just click on ‘Continue.’ And now let’s go ahead and create this specific campaign that’s going to help you boost your sales.

Name this campaign anything you’d like. If you have multiple products, or if it’s for a specific ASIN that you’re trying to boost your sales, you can just put ‘boost,’ dash and then whatever your ASIN is so that we know this specific campaign is for that ASIN, and this is your boost campaign.

And if you have a portfolio specific to that ASIN you can go ahead and add it right there. You can do a daily budget of whatever you’d like: Whatever makes sense for you in your business.

This specific targeting is going to be manual, and as for the bid strategy, you need to click on ‘Dynamic bids – up and down.’ The default is down only so what you want to shoot for is ‘Dynamic bids – up and down.’

Now what you’re going to want to do is edit the ‘Adjust bids by placement’ option. When you click on that, put top of search results to 50%. Then put product pages to 50%, and then move on to the actual targeting section.

So when you get to the actual targeting section, just make sure ‘Keyword targeting’ is highlighted. And when you’re going to paste your keywords in the actual keyword section, make sure that all three match types are highlighted, because the purpose of this specific strategy is to maximize your product’s exposure on Amazon.

Once you’ve adjusted the bid percentages earlier by 50% on top of search results and 50% on product pages, you’re actually allowing Amazon to outbid your competitors.

Again, this ensures that you’re producing maximum sales for your particular product. 

To ensure ultra efficiency, you also need to adjust the bid percentages on the actual keywords.

So when you’re adding the keywords, you can leave the default as is. Go ahead and add the keywords. And once they’re added, you’ll need to increase the actual percentage that Amazon suggests by 30% on each keyword.

So if you look at all of the default bids, they are actually the bids that Amazon suggests. So you need to look at each keyword, and increase the bid 30% from whatever Amazon suggests. Do that for all of the keywords.

That, coupled with actually having Amazon optimize for top of search results and for product pages, is going to literally put your product on fire when it comes to sales.

Now ACOS might not get out of control; but it might if you let it, so for keywords that are just not producing any results at all after a few days, you can just pause those altogether. That way, you can continually focus on the keywords that are producing results.

Now a lot of people want just to boost their sales for several reasons. One could be maybe that you just need more reviews, and you don’t want to leverage any other source of traffic other than Amazon advertising.

So the best way to do that is just to get more eyeballs on your product. That way once they buy your product, you’ll follow up with them, and get more verified reviews.

Or let’s say you got a negative review, and you’re just trying to get more positive reviews, so replace the negative review.

And this strategy also works really well to help boost your rank, because we all know the more sales you make, the more you’re going to rank on Amazon.

So this is a perfect strategy to encompass all of those things that we just went over and to ultimately boost your revenue month to month on Amazon.

And the last thing you do is just launch the campaign.

And that’s it. Make sure you continually monitor the campaign so that way you’re maximizing your sales on Amazon. But this is one of the fastest ways to break that Amazon sales plateau if you’re trying to take your business to that next level.

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