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Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy – Best Practices For 2019

  • December 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered what the optimal Amazon PPC campaign set up is? In this video I’ll show you how to create a systematic and scaleable marketing strategy.

I like to see Amazon sponsored product ads a coal mine. As you’re refining your coal you’ll eventually see acres of diamonds.

You’ll then learn how to set up “diamond campaigns” and how to refine your keywords to always produce profitable results.

By focusing on your keyword churn rate, you’ll continually feed your Amazon PPC machine fresh new keywords to always stay ahead of your competition. And the keywords that have a high ACOS you’ll simply create a separate campaign with a lower bid. A good average would be 40% below Amazon’s suggested bid.

You should have no more than 50 keywords per campaign ( per match type ) in order to allocate sufficient funds to your top performers and limit the spending on your least profitable keywords. Newer Amazon sellers struggle when trying to set up their campaigns because they’ll usually spread their budget to thin across 100′ or even 1000’s of keywords.

If you want a fully automated solution, our Amazon ppc management service is the best blend of AI learning capabilities and human intelligence. We maximize our clients profitability all while increasing sales velocity month after month.

Try our fully automated Amazon PPC Management service today!

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