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Amazon Product Photography – Drive More Clicks And Conversions

  • December 8, 2019

In this video you’ll learn a simple yet highly effective strategy that I call the “CCRR Method.”

The CCRR method stands for:


Click-Through Rate



One of the unsung heroes of listing optimization strategies and succeeding as a seller is Amazon Product Photography optimization. Having professional images taken by world class photographers is an essential component for driving more clicks and conversions. You product photos need to trigger an emotional response in customers in order to grab there attention and buy your product over your competitors.

We like to think that everyone buys based on logic, but in actuality we buy products based off an emotional response. If you’re an Amazon seller and want to win over the long term, the days of taking so so images in your garage are long gone. The Amazon sellers trying to make a quick buck and taking mediocre pictures will quickly find that they won’t be able to compete with Amazon sellers like yourself. Sellers who take pride in their brand message and delivery. As the old saying goes, “a photo says 1000 words.”

Now you need things such as Amazon SEO, a keyword rich listing and a high-quality differentiated product, however those things will appeal to consumer logic not emotion. If your listing is optimized from top to bottom but your images are not crisp, a customer will more than likely buy from one of your competitors that has the most aesthetic appeal.

Having breath-taking photographs will dramatically increase your conversions after a product launch, making it easier for you to retain your hard earned keyword ranking. In a crowded Amazon marketplace you’ll need to invest in your brand image if you want to escape the noise of competition.

I am happy to announce that ZonRush now offers professional Amazon Product Photography. We have world class photographers with over 20 years of experience crafting awe-inspiring photos for physical products businesses. Our product photographers will deliver crisp HD-white background, lifestyle, location and model photos plus captivating product infographic images.

Click here and order your breath-taking Amazon product photography package today! Tell us about your product photo needs and we’ll be sure to tailor the perfect set of images for your brand. ZonRush can accommodate practically any requirement that you can imagine!

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