Google Ads

Our Services are Available to Businesses in and Targeting the USA & Canada

Grow your business with Google Ads

At ZonRush, we take care of everything your brand needs to get noticed. From understanding your business requirements, to developing a game plan and deploying it perfectly— we leave no room for error.

Expert Google Ads Set Up

To help you hit the center of the target as soon as possible, we need to make sure we set up your Google Ads account for success. This service includes

Ongoing Optimization Of Google Advertising Account

Google ads require a dynamic approach since the advertising landscape is constantly changing. Competitors are changing their bids, placement and keywords constantly so we make sure to keep your business one step ahead. Every time our Google Ads team optimizes an account, we are reviewing the data collected since the last optimization to find new ways to get you more business.

Google Review And Reporting

ZonRush will work with you to determine how and when reports are given. Communication is key in this process. Both sides must understand what is going on and what can be improved upon.

We Employ Strategies Like

Adjusting keyword bids

A/B testing creatives

Cost per click optimizations

Adjusting bid management strategies

Adjusting keyword matching

Managing negative keywords

Geo-targeting adjustments

Ad Extension adjustments

Ad copy optimization and A/B testing ads for higher response rates

Mobile/desktop ratio optimization and bid adjustments

Reviewing search terms for new keywords and negatives