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Our Amazon PPC [ Pay-Per-Click ] Management Services

Loaded with checklists, charts, and thought leadership from digital advertising experts, the Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising will help you discover how to slice through all the digital noise with cutting-edge strategies for PPC, display, and social advertising, advanced ad targeting, and more. Select the best digital channels and ad types to reach your audience Segment, target, and personalize your ads by persona Coordinate your ads across channels and devices Optimize and measure the effectiveness of your ads

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Zonrush - Amazon

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Amazon Marketing Services

We offer complete advertising management services including listing SEO, content creation, and Amazon PPC optimization for your product lines on an ongoing basis.

Advanced KeyWord Research

Not all keywords are created equal. We look beyond the normal tools and find keywords that are likely to convert at a low cost-per-click, including what your competitors are up to.

Maximize Return On Ad Spend

Our Amazon Experts will guarantee you get the most bang for your buck. We closely monitor each Amazon PPC campaign to ensure you are profitable.

Monthly Revenue Targets

We know it's important to have realistic revenue goals. Each month we look to exceed the previous month's revenue.

Data Driven Results

Our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms constantly analyze your data to eliminate wasted ad spend, discover new keyword opportunities and maximize the returns of your top performers.

24/7 Client Support

We won't just set it and forget it - we check on the status of your campaigns, add keywords and adjust bids around the clock. Our methods quickly adapt to fluctuations in sales trends.


After placing your order you’ll immediately receive our on-boarding form which contains set-up instructions. Our form will have a detailed step by step walk-through guide of everything we’ll need to get started.
No. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that we’ll work hard each month to continually earn your business.
ZonRush will create up to 5 campaigns per SKU. We’ll leverage all Amazon PPC match types. Which include Auto, Exact, Broad, Phrase and Product Targeting Ads.
We offer our managed Amazon PPC service on all EU marketplaces. (US, CA, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE)
We have an advanced internal AI learning software that helps us make smart, fast and profitable decisions for your account in seconds. Our combination of AI and Manual editing allow for an ultra-efficient management system. Other competitors make changes manually which is incredibly slow and difficult to scale. Our state of the art system allows us to scale client revenue month to month with maximum efficiency.
We’ll connect to your campaign manager through our Amazon Sponsored Ads API. We’ll extract all the ad reports you currently have and begin putting your most profitable metrics into our software. Once we launch our campaigns well already have the best data available to us allowing for efficient and profitable campaigns right out the gate.

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