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How to Effectively Launch and Rank Amazon FBA Products – (3 Easy Steps)

  • December 20, 2019

When you’re about to launch your product on Amazon there are 3 major steps that you should consider when devising a game-plan.

Whether you decide to use ZonRush amazon product launch service or driving external sales traffic yourself, the name of the game is bite size goals. It’s very tempting as a new seller to rush your product to market using a giveaway service or even targeting your main keywords with a super URL.

First, giveaways services will lead you into trouble in the long-term as you will be exposing your products to potential hijackers. ZonRush is not a giveaway service, we’re a Facebook ad service for Amazon sellers. Lastly, by rushing your product to market you’ll be tempted to go after “short tail keywords.” Which is any keyword with less than 3 words and usually has high search volume, but with that comes high competition.

In this video I’ll go over 3 highly effective steps to consider when launching your Amazon FBA products in 2019.

Step 1: Go after long tail keywords first product launch.

Step 2: Get at least 25 reviews before raising your price.

Step 3: Relaunch targeting short tail keywords and utilize Amazon PPC.

This new method is highly effective for extremely competitive niches. You’ll be doing 2 launches in the span of 90 days or so. The first launch will help you rank for 2 long-tail keywords and the second launch will leverage the momentum from your first launch. It’ll be much easier for you to rank for you main keywords that have high search volume once you’ve already secured top keyword ranking for your long-tail keywords.

Your long-tail keywords will provide much needed organic momentum that’ll make your 2nd launch much much easier. So when thinking of your product launch think of breaking up your strategy into bite size chunks. This will make long term success on Amazon seem effortless.

If you want to partner with ZonRush Amazon Product Launch Service we will make this entire process seamless for you. Our team knows exactly how to strategically an effectively launch products on Amazon using Facebook ads

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