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How To Find Winning Products To Sell On Amazon – FBA Product Research Guide

  • December 8, 2019

One of the most crucial aspects that’ll determine whether or not you’ll succeed long-term as a seller is Amazon product research.

Your product research is going to be the foundation to which you scale your Amazon business and if your foundational criteria are weak the entire infrastructure is jeopardized. So this means it’s very important that you have the right inputs to get your desired outputs.

In this video I’ll go over 5 key focal points that’ll act as a checklist when finding your next product to sell on Amazon. This Amazon product research guide will act as a reference point for you when navigating the mist of uncertainty on a new product idea.

1. Check Your Main Keyword Phrase – Are all the products on page 1 – 2 identical?

2. Expansion – Can you move into adjacent markets in the future?

3. Trend Bias – Have you audited your thinking for objectivity?

4. Profitability – Can you make a sufficient return on your investment?

5. Brand Reputation – Have you taken the time to source high quality manufactures?

By remaining transparent with yourself you’ll find it much easier to remain objective and logical when making an investment in your next product idea.

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