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How To Profitably Scale Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

  • December 8, 2019

Scaling your Amazon PPC campaigns doesn’t necessarily mean increasing budget and adding new keywords. Though you should do those things, scaling your Amazon advertising revenue also includes placement optimization.

You need to feed the Amazon PPC algorithms more data consistently by adjusting for your optimal placements. Wether it be top of page, product pages or rest of search. By digging into your data you’ll clearly see where your campaigns are performing the absolute best. Once you’ve identified your top performing placements, you can increase your bid percentages to successfully scale your revenue without increasing your costs.

ZonRush’s proprietary AI software we’ll make these types of profitable decisions for your account in seconds, 24/7. If you want to successfully scale your revenue with a trusted Amazon PPC Management Service, ZonRush has you covered! Click here to learn more about our fully automated PPC service for Amazon sellers.

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