Top 3 Amazon Product Launch Strategies for 2019

Top 3 Amazon Product Launch Strategies for 2019

In this post I’ll be going over the top 3 Amazon product launch strategies in 2019.

Amazon has changed dramatically over the past year so it’s important to go over new methods that are proven to work today.

Strategy #1: Influencer Marketing

Strategy #2: ZonRush Amazon Product Launch Service

Strategy #3: Amazon Sponsored Ads Marketing

A successful Amazon product launch will ultimately determine the success of the Amazon seller. Which is why I made this comprehensive guide, when you combine all 3 together you’ll explode your sales and rank on page one much much faster.

The problem a lot of Amazon sellers are having today comes from the fact that they are trying to wear to many expert hats. Watch the video above to get new found clarity on the best amazon product launch strategies in 2019!

How to Relaunch Amazon FBA Products without Giveaways!

How to Relaunch Amazon FBA Products without Giveaways!

Wether you are wanting rank for more keywords or need to revive a slow selling product, there are several ways you can go about launching your Amazon products.

Method 1: Facebook ads product launch

One of the easiest and fastest ways of doing this would be to partner with ZonRush, an Amazon Product Launch Service which will drive external traffic to your listing utilizing Facebook ads. We can launch products using much lower discounts and it’s safe, as all of the traffic ZonRush will target for you will be 100% organic. One of the major issues Amazon sellers have been facing is running into hijackers. Hijackers subscribe to these giveaway service platforms and just wait for more products to uploaded.

We’re an actual Facebook ad service for Amazon sellers. We target thousands of different audiences with expert copywriters and master creative designers on our team. Best of all Amazon actually encourages Facebook traffic! With all of their recent updates such as “social media promo codes” and custom storefront page URL’s for registered brands, Amazon is making a huge push for sellers to begin taking traffic into their own hands.

ZonRush is the Best Amazon Product Launch Service when considering external traffic. The reason being is that we know exactly what we’re doing having already launched over 600 products exclusively using Facebook ads and chatbots. Trial and error can be extremely expensive for sellers who haven’t run Facebook ads before which is why we’re here to help bridge that gap for you.

Method 2: Amazon PPC

Amazon sponsored ads are amazing because you can target the exact keywords that you want to rank for. In this video I break down exactly how you can structure your Amazon PPC campaigns to not only profitable levels, but also for maximum efficiency. Most Amazon sellers unfortunately have no real structure or game plan when they create their ad campaigns are therefore their sales are scattered across thousands of keywords. With Amazon ad spend on the rise and keyword bids on the rise is important to be as strategic as possible when leveraging the platform.

Watch this video to learn how to leverage Amazon PPC to drive targeted traffic to your listings at the absolute lowest cost!

If you’re looking for a more hands on approach ZonRush offers sellers a full Amazon PPC Management Service, which will help you maximize efficiency. We use a combination of AI software and human intelligence to bring ACOS levels down, fast. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Amazon PPC is managed by experts.

How to Effectively Launch and Rank Amazon FBA Products – (3 Easy Steps)

How to Effectively Launch and Rank Amazon FBA Products - (3 Easy Steps)

When you’re about to launch your product on Amazon there are 3 major steps that you should consider when devising a game-plan.

Whether you decide to use ZonRush amazon product launch service or driving external sales traffic yourself, the name of the game is bite size goals. It’s very tempting as a new seller to rush your product to market using a giveaway service or even targeting your main keywords with a super URL.

First, giveaways services will lead you into trouble in the long-term as you will be exposing your products to potential hijackers. ZonRush is not a giveaway service, we’re a Facebook ad service for Amazon sellers. Lastly, by rushing your product to market you’ll be tempted to go after “short tail keywords.” Which is any keyword with less than 3 words and usually has high search volume, but with that comes high competition.

In this video I’ll go over 3 highly effective steps to consider when launching your Amazon FBA products in 2019.

Step 1: Go after long tail keywords first product launch.

Step 2: Get at least 25 reviews before raising your price.

Step 3: Relaunch targeting short tail keywords and utilize Amazon PPC.

This new method is highly effective for extremely competitive niches. You’ll be doing 2 launches in the span of 90 days or so. The first launch will help you rank for 2 long-tail keywords and the second launch will leverage the momentum from your first launch. It’ll be much easier for you to rank for you main keywords that have high search volume once you’ve already secured top keyword ranking for your long-tail keywords.

Your long-tail keywords will provide much needed organic momentum that’ll make your 2nd launch much much easier. So when thinking of your product launch think of breaking up your strategy into bite size chunks. This will make long term success on Amazon seem effortless.

If you want to partner with ZonRush Amazon Product Launch Service we will make this entire process seamless for you. Our team knows exactly how to strategically an effectively launch products on Amazon using Facebook ads

Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy – Lower ACOS Fast with This Simple Hack!

Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy - Lower ACOS Fast with This Simple Hack!

In this video you’ll learn how to strategically create Amazon PPC campaigns with virtually no competitors! Yes that’s right, ZERO competitors.

It’s very important to get creative when you’re looking to scale your Amazon sales revenue over the long-term. With competitors all targeting the exact same keywords, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of them by thinking outside of the box.

I use a tool called Helium10, to scrape important keyword and ASIN sponsored data to find keywords that none of my competitors are advertising on. Usually these keywords won’t have a ton of search volume, roughly 20-50 worth of search volume a month. The strategy however, is by adding 100-200 of these keywords inside 1 campaign, you’ll have a combined keyword master list of 3k-5K in search volume.

Now with that being said, it’s important to note that these Amazon sponsored ad campaigns will not dramatically increase your sales velocity over night. This is more of a set it and forget Amazon PPC strategy that’ll continually bring you a lower ACOS on a month to month basis.

I usually start with a keyword bid of $0.40 and a daily budget of $15. Which is on the low side because you don’t want Amazon to suck up your budget to quickly if you’re the only ASIN targeting these particular keywords.

If you’re looking for a highly effective Amazon Product Launch Service or if you want to partner with a top Amazon PPC Management Agency we encourage you to contact us today as we’ll be ecstatic to help you achieve your goals! 😀

Amazon FBA Seller Guide – 3 Crazy Simple Ways to Boost Sales

Amazon FBA Seller Guide - 3 Crazy Simple Ways to Boost Sales

In this video I’ll go the top 3 ways to increase your conversions and boost your Amazon FBA sales. Learning how to sell on Amazon is one thing, but learning to how to be more efficient and profitable at the same time, is something else.

By implementing these 3 strategies you’ll become more profitable as an Amazon seller for the long-term because you will have tested more than one variable, for an optimal result.

To quickly highlight some of the key points you’ll want to:

1. Split test at least 2 main product photos

2. Split test price

3. Improve your backend Amazon SEO

Need to improve keyword ranking or have a new amazon product launch around the corner? Try ZonRush’s amazon product launch service to bring you the best results in the industry! We post weekly amazon product launch results on our page! 🚀

4 Ways to Outsell Your Competitors – Amazon Seller Training

4 Ways to Outsell Your Competitors - Amazon Seller Training

In this video you’ll learn 4 ways to outsell your competitors as an Amazon FBA seller. It’s exciting when you begin to see your sales increase from week to week. When considering brand expansion as an Amazon seller, you need to find way to differentiate your product and marketing strategy.

A question I always ask myself is, “how can I improve what’s already on the market and create a blue ocean for myself?”

Sometimes the answer isn’t always what you think. Sometimes just adding the smallest tweak to your product offer, can make all the difference to capturing more marketshare.

Just to quickly highlight the content of the video:

– Add a video highlighting your product, directly to your listing

– Add video training to increase your product’s perceived value and conversions

– Copy your competitors frequently bought together list

– Reverse engineer your Amazon competitor’s negative reviews

If you want to rank your products on page one or improve your Amazon PPC performance, ZonRush uses advanced learning AI software to scale your business with maximum efficiency.

Launch today as our Amazon product launch service is the best in the industry. We focus on getting you fast results with real traffic coming from our Facebook ads.

Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy – Best Practices For 2019

Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy - Advanced Tutorial Guide

Have you ever wondered what the optimal Amazon PPC campaign set up is? In this video I’ll show you how to create a systematic and scaleable marketing strategy.

I like to see Amazon sponsored product ads a coal mine. As you’re refining your coal you’ll eventually see acres of diamonds.

You’ll then learn how to set up “diamond campaigns” and how to refine your keywords to always produce profitable results.

By focusing on your keyword churn rate, you’ll continually feed your Amazon PPC machine fresh new keywords to always stay ahead of your competition. And the keywords that have a high ACOS you’ll simply create a separate campaign with a lower bid. A good average would be 40% below Amazon’s suggested bid.

You should have no more than 50 keywords per campaign ( per match type ) in order to allocate sufficient funds to your top performers and limit the spending on your least profitable keywords. Newer Amazon sellers struggle when trying to set up their campaigns because they’ll usually spread their budget to thin across 100′ or even 1000’s of keywords.

If you want a fully automated solution, our Amazon ppc management service is the best blend of AI learning capabilities and human intelligence. We maximize our clients profitability all while increasing sales velocity month after month.

Try our fully automated Amazon PPC Management service today!

How To Expand Your Brand On Amazon – Complete Seller Guide

How To Expand Your Brand On Amazon - Complete Seller Guide

In this Amazon seller training you’ll learn that the best way to protect your brand on Amazon is through expanding your product line.

Sellers that are crushing their goals month after month are those with long term vision. Selling one product is great, but when you start selling 3, 5 or 10+ products you’ll protect your revenue stream by adding more “product revenue legs” for your Amazon business.

Part of thinking long term is getting a trademark for your brand and enrolling in the Amazon brand registry program. Though it is a lengthy process, in this video I’ll show a super easy way that is practically a turn-key automated solution for Amazon sellers, both beginner and advanced.

Are you ready to launch your next product and dominate your niche? Partner with ZonRush, the best Amazon Product Launch Service, that actually tailors a unique launch strategy for each product.

Different products require custom strategies for maximum success and at ZonRush whether you’re looking for an Amazon PPC Management Agency or an Amazon Product Launch Service, we’ve got a powerful game plan for you.

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