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Should You Use An Amazon Product Launch Service?

  • December 8, 2019

Amazon product launch services have come under the scrutiny of a lot of FBA sellers recently. The truth is traditional launch services are less effective and can put your account in jeopardy.

The Problem?

Traditional launch services are promoting your product to the same pool of buyers over and over again then billing you. Since the buyers subscribed to these services are career coupon clippers they don’t want to buy your product unless there’s a 99% off coupon as an incentive. Those buyers are not real enthusiast for your product, therefore the only way to gain traction using some of these older product launch services is by basically giving your product away for free.

In addition once your product is promoted on a discount deal site there are people who are doing retail arbitrage aka hi-jackers. Hi-Jackers patiently wait for the next product to get uploaded to the deal site, buy it and flip on your listing for a profit.

The Solution

ZonRush is not a traditional launch service, we leverage Facebook & Instagram ads which Amazon actually encourages! You can trust that our launch service is safe and within Amazon’s TOS. We’ll promote your product to customers that’ll actually want to buy from your brand because the product resonates with them. 👍

If you want to partner with the Best Amazon Product Launch Service, avoid hi-jackers and get the best results in the industry then click here to get started!

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